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An area of forest the size of the UK is being lost every year around the world, the vast majority of it tropical rainforest, with dire effects on the climate emergency and wildlife. In 2002, just two countries—Brazil and Indonesia—made up 71 percent of tropical primary forest loss. The frontiers of primary forest loss are starting to shift. Brazil and Indonesia only accounted for 46 percent of primary rainforest loss in 2018, while countries like Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Democratic Republic of the Congo saw loss rates rise considerably.



Please check out Just One Tree  who is on the mission to mobilise as many schools as possible to do a simple fund raising to mark the start of #NationalTreePlanting week on the 22nd of November. They need us all, parents whose child/ren are in school or even those who are home educating. For every £1 we raise, 1 tree will be planted, and right now tree planting is more urgent than ever.


There are currently 10,259,840 full and part time pupils at school in the UK. That would mean potentially over 10 million trees, just this year. 


How to get involved.


Step 1) If you have your child/ren in school, write them an email. Template below…

Subject line: #NationalTreePlanting week – Just One Tree


Dear XY,

I am writing to ask and encourage [name of the school] School to take part in the #NationalTreePlanting week starting from the 23rd of November till the 1st of December. 

I have came across the non-profit organisation, Just One Tree who is reaching out to schools nationwide to organise a fundraising day to plant one tree per student for £1 per tree. 

They concentrate their planting in areas severely affected by mass deforestation. In doing so they have the greatest positive effect on combating global warming whilst simultaneously alleviating extreme poverty within impacted communities through training, education and employment.

Friday 22nd November 2019

They’re asking schools to join them in a nationwide tree planting day to mark the start of National Tree Planting Week. Either by asking student to simply donate if they can but also encourage them to wear something green.  Each child would be encouraged to bring in a suggested donation of £1 to plant a tree. 

Them wearing something green for the day will unite children, parents and teachers across the country, demonstrating how an individual’s actions can have a positive impact on the environment. 

Please find attached two separate information packs which explain in more detail:

– Schools Pamphlet – a shorter version for those tight on time. 

– Schools Info Pack – contains more detail for those that would like to read more. 


It would be absolutely wonderful if our school could join them. Already 60 schools signed up and more are joining each week. 

Imagine what an incredible impact we could have if every child in the UK planted JUST ONE TREE in 2019!  

I look forward to hearing from you, 

[your name]


The attachments can be downloaded here and attached to the email. 

Schools Pamphlet and Schools Info Pack 


Step 2) If you know other schools in your area and have the time, feel free to send them an email too. The Just One Tree team has an online workspace set up for organising and they welcome anyone with time to help out! Contact Amanda on amanda@justonetree.life


Step 3) Follow up the email in a week perhaps and try to arrange an appointment with the headteacher to explain more.  Explain that the idea is not really about having a non uniform day (as per the Info pack below) but to raise awareness. Instead of organising a non uniform day, make it a “wear something green” day. The idea is to have as many student as possible to be involved without any shaming. Read more here about non uniform days playing into poverty shaming.  Also touch upon donation collections and suggest to make it “shame free” by placing a bucket somewhere where students just drop in their donations instead of a teacher walking around students by students. No everyone will be able to make a donations. The reason here is about raising awareness about planting trees and their importance in the climate crisis and not shaming those who can’t take part. 


Step 4) If you are successful with your school, get in touch with Amanda who will help you with the next steps. 


If you are home schooling or unschooling, do get in touch with the organisation and they can guide you what would be the best approach to take part. 


I hope you like it. I hope you take part. Any questions, send them my way or email Amanda direct.  Let the big tree planting begin. 


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