Let’s get ready for #2

I am being warned that, I can’t be prepared from having one to having two. I am told that it will be hard. That I will be dealing with a #terribletwo while having a newborn. That my oldest will turn into a jealous monster and will need all my attention. So yeah, pretty scary I would say.  And I guess all could become true so I am getting ready for the worst. And here are the things we do before it all kicks off…


List of 7 – How we are getting ready for Brendan’s baby brother…


1# Talk about it (finding the time) – It may sounds obvious but days can go so fast with an active toddler especially if you have gone back to work full time or part time. I only work 2 days but on those days apart from racing home and giving him dinner and a bath there is not much time for anything else. Therefore I find it easier to stick with certain times and situation so I won’t forget (even on the days I don’t work). These are usually around meal time. Pointing out where food is going,  into his tummy and then steering the conversation to what is in mummy’s tummy. Another odd location is the toilet. As we know toddlers love following us there and Brendan is no different, so why not use the time pointing at your half naked tummy and discuss it.



2# Books. Brendan loves books. We take them to train journeys / read them during the day / before bed. So getting some books which are about waiting for your little brother was a must. I found one from one of my favourite online children book store Smallprint and its called Baby Monster. I didn’t know when I ordered it but Baby Monster is a boy and he will be welcoming his baby brother. The illustration and the story is just perfect for my under 2. It is also fun turning any other books into a story of babies arriving. Just a little imagination and creativity and whoala… works like magic. So Old MacDonald had a baby sheep…


3# Getting a doll . I know he is a boy but who cares, right? So we got a doll second hand from my sister. He already showed interest when we were visiting them but now I am also encouraging him a little. I am slightly worried when he is pushing the doll’s eyes in telling me that “those are his eyes” but reminding him to be gentle might just help me out later on. He is a huge fan changing its nappy which will be a massive help for me, right? Side note – while tidying up together I throw the doll into the toy box, Ops… maybe that wasn’t my best move but let’s hope he didn’t see it or try to repeat it.


4# Photo album. Brendan loves looking at baby photos. I was thinking of putting an album together when I remembered my amazing sister’s calendars. In the last 4 years she has been giving us a annual calendar with our photos of the year before. It could be either his cousins or himself but Brendan loves pointing at babies or mimic their facial expressions. So I thought having last year’s calendar with his baby photos will do the trick.

5# Share things – although we are still far off to start getting him to share his toys with his brother its never too early to start I figured. I started to ask him to share food / toys with me and his dad. And it works vice versa. I also try to share all my stuff with him even if it is just for a quick look. So he has hold (supervised) scissors / eggs / opened mascara and even my phone. I am very proud of the last one letting him have it… but just a little minute.


6# Get ready mentally (that is for me)– accept that your first will STILL need more attention.  That is the hardest for me at the moment. Why? My second one will be here and it won’t be the same when Brendan arrived. No calm and relaxing bonding / breastfeeding / skin to skin. Although I am hoping that I will find a time to do these, they won’t be the same or as often. Brendan will be in full swing of his 2 year – growing / changing / exploring / expressing and I will need more of my brain cells to deal with that rather than a baby bundle who will only need a clean nappy / feed / somewhere to sleep.

7# Introduction – I got this great advice from one of my favorite mummy blog Babyccinokids so no need to reword it – it says it so perfectly. “When you introduce the beautiful new baby to its siblings, you shouldn’t hold the baby. It can easily look like the sibling is being replaced by this small, new, sweet addition to the family. It can cause upset, or even make them feel a bit displaced. After all, they have been your one and only. So instead, it was suggested that you should lay the baby close to you, in a safe place on the bed, and then ask your child to come meet the baby!”


So here we are excited and also nervous a little bit about the change in our family unit.

If you have any other tips or suggestions please let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Thank you for reading me and have a wonerful day xxx




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