Letter template to schools explaining why our kids will be off to join the Climate Strike

Dear Mr XXX,

I’m writing to inform you that [insert child / children names] XXX will not be in school on Friday 20th September as he will be attending the [insert location] Climate Strike. 

As a family, we believe that the climate change crisis is an immediate and existential threat to the planet and is the single greatest problem facing the world today, and threatens the world [insert children name] will grow up into. As such we believe it is incumbent on us to take immediate action to highlight these issues in whatever way we can and in this case we have discussed and agreed with [insert children name] that he/she would like to take part in the strike.

We will ensure that [insert children name] completes any activity that he/she misses in school and that his/her education does not suffer as a consequence of this, we will discuss with his class teacher whether there are any activities we need to conduct with him/her over the weekend to ensure he/she is not disadvantaged. If you would like to discuss [insert name]’s absence, or indeed the issues presented by global climate change I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Kind Regards,

[your name] 



Disclaimer – the template is written by Caitlin Bates husband. 



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