Littler picking as a family

I know I have raved about the woods being the best place to go with the boys but adding littler picking takes it to a whole other level. It was so much fun. The kids loved it and they helped so much. It was an adventure spotting litter and running over to pick them up. Going through dense vegetation or huge fallen tree trunks. It struck conversations about why there is so much waste / why it is not good for the habitat of the woods and generally why plastic is a big no no.

I couldn’t recommend it enough so here are some of the benefits of litter picking.

#1 Helps with community spirit. When an area has a little problem, its residents don’t want to spend time there. It becomes uncared for and the community suffers from problems associated with little, such as crime and anti-social behaviour.

#2 On mental health. People who live in clean areas have much better mental and physical health. People who live in poor quality environment are more likely to suffer from mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. Also, being a littler picker I think is very relaxing (personal opinion).

#3 On the environment. Litter is dangerous for animals whether they are domestic pets or wildlife. The RSPCA receives more than 7000 calls per year regarding animals that have been injured by litter but the true number of animals injured by litter will never be known, as many wild animals will die from their injuries and not be found.

#4 On the economy. It cost taxpayers almost 1 billion per year to keep England’s streets, parks, roadways and public spaces clean. 🤦‍♀️A survey by @keepbritaintidy showed that local authorities felt that if they didn’t have to use resources on dealing with litter, they would be able to reinvest that money into other services such as care workers / primary school places / libraries / nurses / paramedics / firefighters or school meals.

#5 On tourism and therefore local businesses. If a city, town or village is full of litter, it will illustrate that it is uncared for and will discourage people from visiting.

Do you guys go out litter picking? Wouldn’t it be amazing not to have this issue and save our tax money for other pressing issues?


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