Lucie aka Practically Zero Waste

About a year ago as I was researching how to live a zero waste lifestyle and I bumped into Lucie’s Instagram account . I spent the following days going through every single squares of hers she ever posted. It was so informative. So useful. So inspiring. She was just entering her 2nd year and I couldn’t wait to get to that stage as quick as possible. Throughout the year however I realised that some changes does take time and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you try your best, that is all that matters.

What made you start your Zero Waste journey?

Very randomly! I was looking online for a recipe to make my own laundry detergent as I have always hated the smell of the manufactoring ones (neither pollution or waste goals). When I found a recipe titled “Bea johnson’s famous laundry detergent recipe”, I wondered who was that “Bea Johnson”, googled her name, and couldn’t stop, I spent hours looking for more informations on that “zero waste lifestyle” I was stupefied! This wasn’t long before Christmas, I had already got all of my presents, that year, on Christmas day and for the first time, I couldn’t stand all the wrapping and unecessary things we bought to each other.  So on New Year’s eve, I decided to start an Instagram account to share my journey towards “a zero waste lifestyle”, it was my new year resolution. I thought that the best way to commit to it was to share it on social media with my family and friends.


What were the 5 things you first gave up when you starter your ZW Journey?

  • ‘STOP JUNK MAIL’ sign on my mail box
  • NASTY CLEANING PRODUCTS (I had tones!) instead I made ONE multipurpose cleaning bottle with white vinegar and water.
  • PLASTIC SHAMPOO and SHOWER GEL replaced by soap bars
  • SUPERMARKETS! I went to little shops instead, that way it was easier to bring my own container and explain my approach


What has been the biggest challenge of living zero waste lifestyle?

DEODORANT!!!! I have tried dozens of recipes, they work and give me a rash or don’t and … well, I dont really feel pleasant!


What about the most rewarding part?

The fact that I have learnt so much, about health, environement, lifestyles, and the fact that I will be able to teach my kids about it, they will know what is going on, what is right and wrong. I like the fact that we became more aware and that our lifestyle has imporved.


How do you encourage your young kids to be more environmentally friendly?

We talk a lot about the different materials, they know that plastic is no good. Turning the lights off and not letting the water run is a daily battle! Although the biggest challenge is when they start school, I have to let some things go, as I can’t ask him not to make the craft plastikie present for Mothers day or the snowman make of polystirene because we don’t want waste in our home.


What drives you to inform others about the zero waste lifestyle?

Our future! Like I said, I was so dull regarding the environment when I started, I always thought that the environment was for hippies, I never thought that humans could destroy our planet, but we can! So I try to raise the awareness by giving daily tips hoping for the people to switch to one, a couple or a few zero waste alternatives in their daily life.


Do you feel like living zero waste is a bit extreme? What do you recommend to people who are inspired but can’t imagine going completely zero waste?
No one can completely live “Zero waste” it is impossible! Try to be “practically” in the way that suits you the best for you, your family and your lifestyle and like I always say: “it is not because we can’t do EVERYTHING that we have to do NOTHING”.


Thank you Lucie again xx


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