I am so thrilled to have my first interview here with the wonderful Mamalina.


In a nutshell – she is brilliant. I could just leave it there but let me jot down some more why.

She is a gorgeous mum to cuties, toddler Jack and baby Sonny. Blogging / Vlogging about motherhood and her amazing travels around the world with her troops. Her slow pace to life and relax approach is what I love reading about daily on her Instragam.   She is not only one of the bloggers I follow who inspired me to start this blog but also introduced the #saynotostuff pledge which now I am taking part in. A year of decluttering and not getting anything (apart from food) for yourself. It is exciting and after 3 months in not as terrible as I first thought. Enjoy my interview with her …


What are the 5 things you do first thing in the morning?

Pull open the curtains, grab milk for Sonny, turn BBC radio 1 on, do a sun salutation and get a big glass of water

What are the 5 edibles you wouldn’t be able to live without?

Chocolate, cashew nuts, apples, avocados and fresh bread

What are the 5 values you want to raise your kids with?

Kindness is by far the most important value I want to instill in them. Apart from that, open-mindedness, a sense of adventure, a great sense of humor and the knowledge that money does not buy you happiness

5 pieces of parental advice you have given and would give to your friends and family?

Follow your gut  – you know more than you think you do. Forget milestones – your baby won’t be crawling when they’re 15 years old. Ditch any strict routines – life’s too short and your baby probably isn’t tired. Get a good coffee maker. Say yes to adventure

5 words you say most often / every day to your kid/s?

“Do you need the toilet?”

What are the 5 hardest things you said no to since staring your #saynotostuff pledge?

Plants (but living so maybe not ‘stuff’?!)
Cheap clothes (I absolutely love not buying these tho they are hard to resist sometimes)
Cute toys for the kids



Thank you Emma again xx



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