Parents of Planet A – Application

What I Need From You As a Participant

A short written (500-1000 words) piece talking about your experience of being a parent of today, raising children  in the current world with so many facts and knowledge about the climate breakdown. 

Here are some examples you can talk about (but feel free to come up with your own): leading by example with or without adding high concepts behind it; creating norms; books, films or cartoons you read and watch together relating to conscious living; marches you have taken part in; what do you think age appropriate is, how you may be suffering with climate anxiety and how you are dealing with it to put on a happy face in front to your kids; how you work for a greener future; your encouragement of others, family and friends, to be more eco-conscious; how you talk to your kids about what you hear in the news; how you answer their questions about what they have heard regarding plastic pollution, veganism, buying quality over quantity, wasting less water, energy… 


Please also include…

  • Links to any external resources that helped you in your journey (books, films, organisations you support or join in with your kids)
  • The age of your child/children 
  • A headshot of you (if you are happy to have your family  in shot and publicly shared, feel free to include them on the same picture).
  • A short bio of up to 250 words with links to your website and your top social media profile.

Submissions will be going live on the platform 3x a week on a first comes first serve basis. 

I also happy to do Instagram story takeovers where you can share your  *day in a life* stories with the PopA audience. If you are interested, drop me an email on

Thanks so much for considering taking part in this!