Parents of Planet A


In today’s world, it feels like we are faced with news about climate change every single day. As parents, we must consider how it will affect our future and the future of our children.  There is a constant stream of worrying news followed by uncomfortable predictions about heatwaves, mass migrations and water scarcity; with all this due to occur before our children even reach the age we are now. 


So how do we prepare them? Are we even able to? What do we tell them and what should we hide from them? How do we make it age appropriate? Do we carry on like nothing is going on so as not to scar them for life? How do we empower rather than crush their motivation for change under feelings of helplessness? Is being an example enough? Should we take them out of school and join the ‘FridaysForFuture’ school strike? 


There are studies. There are child psychology books. There are ideas and facts we can read and learn from. However, here I wanted to create a platform to hear it from YOU. Mothers! Fathers! You are the ones listening, reading the news and then turning to your children with these thoughts in your head to answer their questions and bring up new topics of discussion. 


Yes, all children are different. Some are more prone to understanding higher concepts while others scare more easily. No child or parent are  the same but we share the same world and fundamentally, we all want the best for our kids.  With climate change looming, what is that ‘best’ you can do every day? How do you try to get it right, to try and raise environmentally conscious warriors?  


The new social media platform Parents of Planet A (PoPA) is for parents who has a common aim, raising environmentally conscious children

With different background and living all across the world, we are mothers, fathers, single parent, parents of same sex, raising one or many, with or without disabilities. 

This platform is there to…

  1. Create a space for us, parents to talk about our feelings on climate change whilst raising the future generations.  Also, to talk about the changes we have implemented in our everyday life (big or small) and goals we are working towards in an effort to become a more conscious tenant of this planet. 
  2. To talk about how we are raising eco-conscious children. What are the things we can openly talk to them about and what ideas we are protecting them from? How do we find the balance of telling the truth without causing trauma or scaring our children for life? What language do we use to explain these higher concepts?

Join the platform and watch the space. Parents are taking over 3x a week to share their stories.

Please be respectful the way you comment and interact towards others decisions and ideas. Listen before you react. Be kind. We are all here wanting the best for our kids. We all want to get it right. We are all learning and on different journeys.  

If you would like to share your story, please check out the how to apply page.


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