What’s your name?

Had the same thoughts last time while I was pregnant and I still don’t understand why babies are not coming with name tags? It would be so much easier for us parents. Or is it just me who find choosing the right name/s so difficult? With the fact that I knew both times since week 20 the gender.



When Brendan was born we didn’t have a name for him for at least 3 days. I know it is normal in England but in Hungary where I am from it is almost unthinkable (at least that is the expression I get from my family and friends back home when I told them we still haven’t decided 2 days before my due date).


We had a shortlist of 3-4 names we played around with but none of them were the ONE. So we decided to wait until we meet him. After his arrival, the first 48 hours was more about crying (hormonal new mum) establishing breastfeeding / resting and eating. So the 3rd evening of the day the Man told me that he thought of a completely new one which hasn’t been on a list. After putting the baby to sleep, and start stuffing myself with another load of home delivered pizza, came the revelation of the new name. He wrote it down on a piece of paper and gave it to me. As soon as I saw it, it gave me goosebumps. That is it. That should be his name. My next move was to pronounce it which I managed to do incorrectly (not Brandon but Brendan) But it didn’t matter. Written down or pronounced that was HIS name and it was perfect. I remember going upstairs to check on him and saying the name over and over in my head.

So we are now in the second round with another boy to name soon… very soon.

Here ALL are the things that we are considering when choosing names

  • traditional and a bit unusual but not to the extreme.
  • connected to our families.
  • have a second name so both of our background is represented (English/ Irish + Hungarian).
  • both our kids have their own distinct first letter (Sorry #2 we won’t be using B again).
  • have a good flow with The Man’s surname (I know, it is kind of obvious).
  • avoid the very popular ones. Something we both feel passionate about. Not because that is anything wrong with them (quiet the contrary, there are so many popular beautiful names out there) but I know a Jackson / a Hudson / a James or a Matthias and as much as I absolutely adore them they are now taken (in my head at least).
  • the new name goes with the Brendan’s name, that it flows when you say all the names together, and that it isn’t completely in a league of its own. You can’t shout on the playground “Achilles, Jesse, let’s go dinner time”. Wouldn’t that be a bit odd?
  • if we do fall in love with a common name checking out the alternative ones connected to it.  For example we had the alternative for Ryan as Ryon on Brendan’s short list.
  • also it is always good to check possible bad nick name for some.

So Brendan’s full name is Brendan Ferenc Coles and here is how we ended up here.

Brenda is The Man’s mum name – so Brendan was an excellent choice.

Ferenc is The Man’s middle name from his father (Frank in English) and also my great grandfather’s and uncle’s name. Also it is Hungarian and a very old one. I don’t know many people with who are not over 60 now with this name.


As for this tiny new baby we got the second name already which will be Karoly from The Man’s first name in English – Charles. Again, quiet an old name in Hungary but maybe that is why I really like it.


For the first – English sounding name – we are once again struggling. We have a sort list of 3-4 but one thing it does keep on changing an another I keep falling in and out of love so many others. I guess we just wait and see again once he is here.



Do you also have similar considerations when naming your children? Or is it just us overcomplicating our lives? I’d love to hear your thoughts, what sort of rules you have when naming your kids and any favourites you’d like to share.


Thank you again for reading my words





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