Why cloth nappies?

I was one of those who have tried it when Brendan was about 15 months but it just didn’t work. Turned out, I haven’t done my research properly and I wasn’t using a liner to start with. So not only Brendan was in the age when he wasn’t happy for something new covering his butt but I managed to ruin (my will to clean a reusable nappy without a liner) the first set of them. So I parked it and after giving birth to Caelan and him loosing his little scab from the belly button we tried again. Guess what, it worked. I have written about here (look for #1) as part of how we are reducing our waste as a family. So here are my reasons why I ended up sticking to them…

#1 The toxic chemicals. Disposable nappies are full of harmful chemicals, including dyes, fragrances , dioxins, phthalates, and sodium polyacrylate. Babies do have sensitive skin so letting them sit in nasty stuff every day is just making it all worse.

#2 Save money. Although cloth nappies cost more initially what I did was, I bought 2 to start with. I wanted to see if they work at all. As I mentioned above, it didn’t (since then I managed to clean those and still using them) but I only invested into more cloth nappies once I knew that the ones I had, worked. I also managed to find loads of hardly used second hand ones online like Facebook Marketplace or Ebay. They are a great place to look if you don’t want to buy a whole starter pack and want to try any brand out first. (If you are based in London, check our Real Nappies for London and see if you are eligible for their voucher towards brand new cloth nappies)

#3 It is better for the Planet! YAY! An average baby uses about 5000 disposable nappies before potty trained which then end up in landfill sites (500 years to biodegrade) or gets incinerated. Over half a million tons of waste in the UK every year – from just this one source. Disposable nappies can be 40% better for the planet than disposable ones.



#4 The comfort for my baby.  Cloth nappies allow for better airflow, which helps the moisture that’s sitting on the baby’s skin to evaporate, leaving the baby drier and less prone to rashes.

#5 Great conversation starter with other mums. Although I try to leave my “I am an eco mama” T-shirt at home when I leave the house with the boys, having reusable nappies on Caelan could really strike up a conversation with fellow mums about trying to reduce our waste as a family.

#6 They don’t leak. I was sceptical about this claim as both my boys were able to do the up-the-back-till-the-neck manoeuvre but since using cloth nappies that stuff really stays in there. The liner catches it all and then down in the loo before putting them into the wash. I have instances when the liner moved and the nappy need a little rinse but if it was a disposable nappy I would needed a whole outfit change (possibly loads of soaking and rewashing of that outfit) and rinse anyway.


#7 If this is true? I have boys so cloth nappies all the way. The article in a nutshell – in disposable nappies testicles get too hot and COULD cause sperm production problem later in life. Apparently more study to be done (only time can tell) but I rather keep it save.

#8 The prints. The fun designs, the bright colours and all the cuteness. Cloth nappies are definitely winning in the fashion department.


P.S. We use Bambino Mio nappies as they work for us the best. And this is not an ad. 😉 Also, love this video from Mamalina about cloth nappy routine. Some useful tips there too.


As always, thanks for reading and love to hear your comments below if you have any.



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