Why soap bars are the best?

I have grown a slight obsession for bar soaps and shampoos in the past 2 years since ditching plastic. Whenever there is a possibility to pick one up from either a shop / stall or market I never leave without one. And here are my reasons why I think they are just the best.


1#  They are more concentrated then liquid soaps. So why we could argue that “some” bar soaps are actually cost more then just a bottle of body wash, let’s think again. Liquid soap has water in them already (which you pay for) while the bar soap doesn’t. They last longer therefore comes cheaper on the long run. Just make sure your soap dish has a proper way of letting excess water out so your soap bar doesn’t sit in water between use. Like this made from reclaimed wood or this made from bamboo.


2# They are perfect for travelling. I am sure it happened to everyone once, it certainly happened to me a few times. Body wash or shampoo bottle leaked in me luggage and covering all my clothes. Such a pain (in the bottle). Also, no 100 ml liquid limit when travelling by plane therefore you will never have to worry about getting your soaps confiscated by security or leaked.


3# All liquid soap comes in plastic packaging. Not only the fact that we are ending up with yet another plastic bottle once its finished there comes another set problems of getting it collected / recycled properly and hoping it will gain a new life eventually and not dumped into our rivers and oceans. Also, creating plastic at the first place comes with all its environmental issues like factories poisoning rivers and using resources we are ruining out so rapidly just to create yet again another bottle used for a couple of weeks.

4# They are easily sourced. You don’t need to research much, bar soaps can be bought via major high street retailers. They sell plastic free, paper boxed ones in Boots Dead Sea Natural Mineral Soap I absolutely love and Holland and Barrett sells Olive Oil soap. Both comes in only cardboard packaging with no plastic in sight.

5# They can double up as your own wardrobe refresheners. I keep most of my soap bars in my drawers and wardrobe before using them so they give my clothes a wonderful fresh smell.

6# You can buy them from lovely independent shops.  If you are going for handcrafted soaps from small independent sellers you are more likely to find soaps which are vegan / cruelty free / palm oil free / all natural / chemical free and you are also supporting someones dream while ending up with a lovely product. I love these companies practically – Greener Habits  / Suneeta London.

7# They are multipurpose. (Just my personal experience) While I have bought and use shampoo bars for my hair, more often than not I don’t even bother switching during shower and just use one bar for everything. I also use the same bar on the boys (body and hair) and so far we have no skin issues whatsoever and we all smell lovely.


I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading. Have you switched yet from liquid to bar? How are you finding them? Do you have any brands you absolutely love and want to share?


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