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I have been practising yoga almost every day (even if it is for 10 minutes) since January and I came to the same realisation like I did with veganism – “why didn’t I start it earlier?”. It is just amazing and I miss it if I can’t do it properly hence a quick 10 minutes stretches here and there.  I have written an honest Instagram post here why I  started it. But now I want to talk about why I absolutely love it / totally addicted to it and recommended it to everybody and anybody.

#1 The outfit. I love that I can wear whatever I want. The main thing that is has to be comfortable which usualy the case since I am pottering around the house with the kids all day. But also, the fact that I don’t need to change into any lycra stretchy pants and heavy duty bras to keep the boobs in place. I can even practise in my PJs which I often (almost all the time) do.

#2 The breathing. I used to do fast paced cardio exercises. Although I used to love them I always felt out of breath mainly not focusing on my breathing enough and working on that “let’s get that heart pounding” goal. With yoga, it is more about moving with the breath. My main focus is about breathing and then about the movement till is becomes natural. I hold the position and breath. It is such a calm and controlled movement I absolutely love it, especially as I get more used to it.

#3 The location. Wherever I want to. In our front room / In the kitchen / our garden / my dad’s garden. There is no limit. You just need a little space and a matt – but in the garden you don’t even need that.



#4 The pace. Moving with my own pace. There is no 10 push up of this and 5 minutes of that. It is all about me and how I move with my breath and what my body needs. Although I do use YouTube videos sometimes to check back on flows and movements, I started to do my own practise and have fun with that. It is so freeing and relaxing.

#5 The journey. Learning the basics / practise those and then just enjoy it.  I am at the stage (early) where I feel I want to perfect the handful of poses I know. I watched most of the Foundation of Yoga with Adriene and attended a few yoga classes to make sure the poses I do know, I hold correctly. Since that I haven’t tried anything new. I just want to practise those till I am happy to move on.

#6 My body. It feels good. I didn’t lose any weight due to my yoga practise (I don’t think at least – haven’t stepped on a scale for ages) and most nights I sleep (as much as you can call that sleeping with an 10 months old sleep thief) with a baby hanging off my boobs. I have days after days with almost no sleep at all and still my body is fine (ish) I am 34 and I could blame it on genetics but I know my body and I know it feels so much better since practising yoga.

#7 My mind. I am not getting upset because I am not doing it right. I am not talking about the poses itself (I hope I kind of getting there doing them right – for my own abilities at least) but for my mind. I am not great at meditation I must admit. I have never been the “let’s not think of anything now for 20 minutes” type of girl. I just can’t do it. My mind always wonders somewhere. BUT during practise while focusing on my breath I do feel my thoughts if not stopping but slowing down. Focusing.  For that 5 minutes or half an hour I try to stay in the present as much as possible. I focus on my breath / the pose and my body. I love that I can use this mindfulness with the kids as well. Being present with them. Focus on what is happening. Although mediation is still to be perfected I already feel changes how I deal with the boys and The Man and generally things in life.

#8 The imperfection. I feel it isn’t about perfection. I used to be a perfectionist (before kids) but recently I am just happy to be part of it and take as much as I can. My house is not perfect / my kids are not perfectly behaving all the time/ I am not a perfect girlfriend or a mother  / I am not a perfect vegan or a perfect zero waster. So I don’t feel I need to be a perfect yoga pose holder either. I am trying my best and loving every stolen minute I can practise but I am not doing it to be perfect at this.



#9 No shoes. I know it is an odd one but if I could I would live in a country (Australia / Bali – looking at you guys) where I can be bare foot all year around. I am not a huge fan of footwear which also means that from May till September my feet looks horrid. Yoga allows me to be bare feet and it is the best. No shoes / no socks.

#10 The kids. I “can” do it with the boys around. Well, I will be interrupted for sure but it is still worth it. Finding 5 to 20 minutes (or do a 30 minutes practise flow in an hour) while I hope they can entertain themselves but also getting out of poses and fetching whatever they need or just to give them a cuddle before moving back to a new pose. It is part of it. Definitely not the most relaxing (find your inner peace – hahaha) type of practise but who cares as long as it still feels good, my boys won’t stop me getting onto my matt.

Also, check out these 38 heath benefits of yoga – it says it all I think.

Here are some of the videos I love (+ the Foundation of Yoga)

Yoga with AdrieneLove flow  – this one is one of her “workout” video and I do love building up a bit of sweat during.

Yoga with MartiBeginners’ yoga flow 

Thank you for reading me again. Do let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.  I always love reading your thoughts.



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