I have written Part 1 of this blog post about a year ago (read it here) and I was going to wait till I can use / review the DivaCup but I still didn’t have the chance (not that sad about it to be honest). Still, I though there is enough here to fill up a blog post about what else became plastic free in our bathroom.

1# Skincare. I have to be honest my skin routine has been and still is very minimal. I am definitely not falling into the category of spending £1352  a year on my appearance. If I have make up on (still using up my old ones – so no product recommendations, sorry) I use coconut oil to remove it which I apply to a piece of cheeky wipes or cotton cloth (I had these for years – was given to me as a present ). I use a face moisturiser from Lush at the moment called Imperials  . I know there are millions of women having problematic skin so I can call myself lucky that mine is pretty average. When I choose skin care my main points are that they have to be cruelty free / shouldn’t cost a fortune / the packaging is as close to zero waste as possible.

Interesting facts – Our skin is the largest external organ still an average woman put on 515 synthetic product on their skin every day. Synthetic products such as make up and body scrubs has microbeads which are harmful for the environment. There is good news on that front, all beauty products in the UK will be banned with microbeads.

2# Shampoo – I have tried Nopoo for 6 months after giving birth to Caelan. I am glad I tired it but at the end, I didn’t like how my hair looked. No matter how often I washed it, it always looked unwashed. I used rye flour to remove old skin and then rinsed it with Apple Cider Vinegar and finally with lavender essential oil (more info about this method here). As I was going through the postpartum hair loss and my hair started to thin out, I made the switch. At the moment I use Lush – Jason and the Argan Oil bar and it is lovely. Also it is lasting me so long still, given that it a bit pricier than a usual bottle of shampoo, off the shelf. No plastic / no harsh chemicals.

3# Bath bubbles. The one thing the boys love in their bath is bubbles. I was looking into how to make something at home but then ended up with another Lush product. We only use a small amount each night and I use a whisker to create loads of bubbles. It works like magic and the boys love it. I love being creative and mindful when using products we can, but don’t want to live without.

4# General cleaning. I have been making my own multipurpose cleaner, not just to avoid plastic but also harmful chemicals.  This article just done it for me when it comes to removing chemicals in my household)  I use lemon (or orange) skin to sit in vinegar for a couple of weeks. Once “ready” sieve it into a glass spray bottle and it is good to go.  My other (bit more aggressive – but only because of the name) eco cleaning product is lemon acid with water for limescale. It is made of natural acid found in citrus fruits. The fact that it works is also not bad either. More info here.

5# Toilet cleaning. The one place I felt I needed to buy a commercially available cleaning product is the toilet. The above mixtures just didn’t cut it so I went with Ecover toilet cleaner.  Ecover has a tons of refill stations around the UK and they are also on a mission to only use recycled plastic for their product packaging by 2020 and then move to bio plastic.  The product itself is uses only plant-based, clean ingredients.

6# Washing. I have been using an Eco Egg –  It is packed with unique, natural and powerful cleaning pellets which activate in the water. I bought the version which has enough pellets to last us 3 years . About every 72 wash I need to add more of these pellets (which came in the box). It completely replaces washing powders, liquids, gels and tablets. Therefore no packing (only once when you buy it and it comes in paper) no plastic measuring cups. But I have heard that you can still add your usual stain remover (or fabric softener) if you use any. I don’t. So far the sun is our best stain remover. As for the fabric softener, I found all of them too intense in term of their smell so haven’t been using any for ages (also it does also come in plastic usually so not in my household, thank you). I have been adding essential oil to the wash (mixed with water and into the washing machine where the fabric softener would go). The egg contains no harsh chemicals, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and not tested on animals.

7# Deodorant and toothpaste.  This is an update from the “part 1” post as I have switched them out since last year. I use Georganic fluoride free toothpaste and The Natural Deodorant and they are both brilliant especially the deodorant. I use less then a pea size for both of my armpit and smell great throughout the day.

8# Kids skincare. Last but not least, the boys’ skin.  For their bath I only add the bath bubble bars. I use a tiny bit of soap (I have these on rotation – Faith / Dead Sea ) for their feet / bums and hair. For nappy rash and after bath in the evenings I use a big lump of coconut oil before putting on the night nappies. It works every time, even when they are teething and they are both producing 2-3 solid nappies a day. At the moment Brendan is using an electric toothbrush he longed for after seeing his cousins using theirs (no bamboo unfortunately) and we are still going though last years’ plastic tubed kids toothpaste. Once we are though, I will be looking into getting them this georganic toothpaste.

Have you switched plastic free product recently in your bathroom? What was an easy switch and what was harder (not switched yet)? Love to hear your comments and suggestions even on other products that you use and love.

Thank you,

Dora xxx


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